"There are no strangers in the yo-yo community,
only friends you haven't met yet."


DAVE'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF YO-YOS - Eye candy for the avid yo-yo collector, this site features a gallery of images of several old classic yo-yos.

Yo-Yo Times Newsletter - Stu Crump's (and daughter Jodi's) legendary and magnificent yo-yo newsletter!

Wooden Yo-Yos made to order - CustomMade Wood Yo-Yos.

TRADE YO-YOS - Have something to trade? Visit "ForTrade" and browse yo-yos and accessories that I have to trade, then email me and make me an offer.

THE YOOLOGY STUDENT RESOURCE - An exhaustive reference of Yo-Yo Instructional books, videos, and web sites, courtesy of the author.'s_resource/yoology.html

Dennis McBride - This World Level Yo-Yo Master offers an incredible series of top-notch yo-yo instructional videos.

The Book of Yo - Home of Neil Feser's unique book, "The Book of Yo", a collection of the writings of a fictional ancient chinese yo-yo'er / philosopher named Yo Tzu.

Atom Yo-Yos - An online store offering numerous different kinds of yo-yos, supplies, books, and videos.

SoCoOL Yo-Yos - A wonderful resource maintained by Bob Kennedy, author of the "Just Say Yo" newsletter, this one lays claim to being the 'oldest known yo-yo web site'. It has a popular yo -yo message board, current events, interviews, and more. - Here you can send a free animated yo-yo e-card!

COSMIC YO-YOS - Largest online collection of yo-yo tricks (over 300!). No illustrations, but there are so many tricks here, you can't help but learn something new.

YO-TOPIA - A diverse yo-yo web site with info about yo-yo clubs and events, a few online tricks, yo-yos for sale, and more.

MR. YO-YO - Home of Mr. Yo-Yo (Bob Rule), author of the book "Yo-Yo Secrets", long-time yo-yo professional.

JENNIFER'S YO-YO PAGE (Homepage of Jennifer Baybrook, the 1998 Yo-Yo World Champion)

THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS HOME PAGE - Home of the original "Yo-Yo Man", Tommy Smothers.

LEE'S YO-YO PAGE - Yo-Yo links and information.

INFINITE ILLUSIONS - Catalog of Yo-Yos, tops and juggling supplies

LARRY'S YO-YO STUFF - A cool yo-yo site, which actually has some basic beginner level yo-yo tricks explained with animation!

BOB'S LAND OF YO - The most comprehensive source of yo-yo links on the net.


YOMANIA.COM - Links, tricks, reviews, videos, a message board & more!

SMARTY PANTS 3D YO-YO TRICKS - A collection of yoyo tricks, some of which are accompanied by cool 3D-looking animated images.

THE BERLIN BRAIN TWISTERS - A German yo-yo club.

THE YO-YO SHACK - Reviews of numerous yo-yos, plus links to message boards and tricks etc.



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