"This is definitely THE trick book to have. The descriptions
are thorough and the pictures very clear. Thanks for making
this brilliant book Ted !!"

'Yo-Hans' Van Dan Elzen - Former World ProYo Master and full-time professional yo-yo demonstrator for Playmaxx, holding former titles in both the National and World level yo-yo contests.

The Pro-Yo Trick Bible is definitely the most comprehensive illustrated yo-yo trick book that I have seen yet! It's like having all of the advantages of an instructional video tape in your back pocket! Congratulations on a job well done!

Dave Ferree; 1'st Place 1997 Desert Classics Freestyle Champion, and one-time head instructor of the Grand Rapids Michigan "Freestyle Spinners"

"This is indeed, the classic, if there is such a thing, yo-yo book. It goes about the business of methodically teaching how to deal with the string, how to do the basic tricks including Throw Down, Sleeper, Walking the Dog, Rock the Baby in the Cradle, and some entertaining add-ons. Its pictures and descriptions match its goal. This could indeed be a perfect beginner's book. It should, indeed, be of value to the collector, and to others who appreciate the effort of someone working hard to pay back and extend the benefits he's received."

SoCoOl Bob' Kennedy, publisher of the 'Just Say Yo!' online yo-yo newsletter.

"This is one of the clearest and best illustrated books available today for beginning yo-yo players. It covers basically everything you need to know to get yourself yo'ing like an expert!"

Stuart Crump Jr., a.k.a. Professor Yo-Yo, editor of the Yo-Yo Times newsletter and author of numerous books including "The Little Book of Yo-Yos"

"Ted Whitten's 'The Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible, Volume One: Beginner' is a very clear-cut instructional guide: from getting to know the yoyo, through demonstrating the advanced tricks. The illustrations are very well done and the text very easy to follow. The "YoYo Product and Information Resources" section of the book is very thoroughly researched and the YoYo Learning Progress Chart at the back of the book is great for documenting your progress in the Art of Yo. I look forward to Volume Two."

Tom Van Dan Elzen ; Former owner of Playmaxx, the world's foremost quality yo-yo company, and inventor of such record-breaking yo-yos as the Pro-Yo, the Turbo BumbleBee, and Cold Fusion

"This is a book which does basically the same thing that everyone's
been doing such a poor job of for sixty years now, and having
seen it done properly I have to wonder why it took so long for
someone to get around to doing it right. Actually, I do know why.
There's a lot of work that went into this book. His drawings get
their point across quite clearly. There are no misplaced fingers,
strings which cross over each other in the wrong direction, or
any of the other misleading little inconsistencies which
you would only notice after you had already learned the trick
(as are so common in books of this type). It might only be a
'should get' for real experienced yo'ers, but it's definitely a
'must get' for every beginner."

Bill Alton - Author of "The Care and Operation of the Noble Disk",
and former author and publisher of the "The Noble Disk" yo-yo newsletter.

"Having started as a rank beginner, I can say that Ted (YoYoTheo)'s
*Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible* makes clear that which was unclear
in previous books of its kind." Never before have illustrations
been so accurate and understandable. Short of personal instruction - from a
VERY patient teacher - there is no better introduction to
the sport of yo-ing than this book. I'd go so far as to say that to
any beginner - and anyone who wants to improve their basic skills or
to read a yo-yo book produced like a 'real' book (very, very rare) -
your book is essential. Which isn't to say there shouldn't
be more yo books, but simply, the standards have been raised.
If there were any justice, it would be carried in every major
bookstore - probably under THEOlogy. Against all my expectations I have become proficient with EVERY trick in the book save 'Dog through the hoop'!
Thanks again for making the procedures for these tricks so comprehensible!"

Chet H. Cox - Author of the yo-yo newsletter "Bandalore".

"This is one of the very best introductory books on yo-yoing. Wonderful and detailed explanations of all the skills needed to grow quickly in the hobby. Great illustrations, tips, and tricks. A great all around yo-yo book. Not just for Pro-Yo players, but for everyone. It sells for only $12.00. Order the Book!"

David W. Hall, "The Yo-Yo Collector"
Albuquerque, NM
Dave's Skill Toys / Dave's Wonderful World of YoYos

EF wrote to us:
"I just wanted to thank you for your great yo-yo book. I got it about a week ago and I'm already improving my skills. I can't wait for your next volume so I can see what else you have for me to learn. "

"Your book is SUPER! I recommend it to everyone! It teaches you everything in such detail. I am becoming better and better and am really enjoying it!"
JS 'Dr. Yo'